About CNRU

2013: 70.000 DKK (9.400 EUR) grant to Jonas Lindeløv from Hospital MIDT research pool for a RCT on computerized cognitive training of post-acute brain injured patients.

2013: EliteForsk travel scholarship of 300.000 DKK was awarded to Jonas Lindeløv.

2012: Ph.D. stipend to Lau Møller Andersen from Aarhus University

2012-2015: The Danish Council for Independent Research / Humanities (FKK) has granted 6.254.816 DKK for the project “Phenomenal Consciousness and Cognitive Motor Control”. The project will run from January 2013-2016

2011: Ph.D. stipend to Jonas Lindeløv from Aalborg University

2010-2013: The Danish Council for Independent Research / Humanities (FKK) has granted 7.783.200 DKK for the project “Intentional action, attention to objects, and working memory”. The project investigates automatic and controllable processes processes in cognition and philosophy.

2010: Karen Elise Jensens foundation has granted 500.000 DKK for a project on hypnosis in cognitive rehabilitation following brain injury.

2010-2015: Starting Grant from the European Research Council for the “MindRehab project” (ca 12,5 mil. DKK). MindRehab investigates consciousness and its neural background with a specific focus on the development of methods to aid people with brain injury or cognitive dysfunction.

2007-2010: Grant from the European Comission under FP6, the NEST-PATFINDER initiative for the MindBridge initiative (ca 14.5 mil DKK). Morten Overgaard coordinated the project, counting researchers from University College London, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Liege, University of Cologne, and CNRU.

2004-2006: Post Doc grant for Morten Overgaard from the Carlsberg Foundation to study introspective consciousness.

2000: Grant from The Fetzer Institute and University of Arizona for Morten Overgaard’s stay in Arizona and for TMS experiments on visual consciousness.