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January, 2015: CNRU researcher Malthe Brændholt Sørensen and Morten Overgaard received 195.840 DKK from The Danish Council for Independent Research for their project: “alpha waves as a neural correlate of attention.”. See project description.

January, 2015: CNRU researcher Mads Jensen received 1.623.603 DKK form The Danish Council for Independen Research for his project “Experience of action in pathological gamblers”.


Professor and head of CNRU, Morten Overgaard, has been appointed as “Young Scientist” by the World Economic Forum. This title is awarded to the most visionary and innovative young research directors in the world. See press release.

On February 6, an article in New Scientist discusses a recent paper by John Michael, co-authored by Kristian Sandberg and Morten Overgaard.


On Wednesday, 27th November at 13.30-14.30 research year student at CNRU Bochra Jamal Zareini will defend her Research Year Rapport: “Mismatch negativity in Disorders of Consciousness“. The event takes place in the K Auditorium, Building 7, Aarhus University Hospital.

September 2013
: Professor and head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU), Morten Overgaard has been elected member of Young Academy of Europe.

Young Academy of Europe (YAE) is a bottom-up initiative of a dynamic and innovative group of recognized European young scientists in the attempt to involve top young scientists in the future European research policy. The YAE is working closely with the European Research Council.

August 2013
: Head of CNRU Professor Morten Overgaard, has received a scholarship from “Savværksejer Jeppe Juhl og Hustru Ovita Juhls Mindelegat” of DKK 100.000. The money is going to be used for research in reduced consciousness after brain damage.

July 12-15
: A delegation from CNRU will be presenting at the 17th annual meeting for the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) is taking place in San Diego, California. Post.doc. Kristian Sandberg will be giving a talk on neural correlates of consciousness in binocular rivalry. PhD. students Mia Dong, Lau M. Andersen, Mikkel C. Vinding, and Masters student Simon Hviid del Pin, will all be presenting posters. The topics includes tools for measuring sense of motor-control, neural correlates of visual awareness, scientific approaches to free will, and measures of consciousness.

June 2013
: DINEA was launched. DINEA is an alliance between Danish cognitive neuroscience research groups, making the exchange of knowledge and technology more available for individual researchers. DINEA aims to develop truly integrative models in cognition and neuroscience.

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PhD student Jonas Lindeløv
recives grant from The Central Denmark Region (Hospitalsenhed Midts forskningsmidler)  for a Randomized Controlled Trial of computer-based cognitive training of late onset brain damaged patients in the post-acute fase.

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On Tuesday 30 April 2013 at 2.30 pm Professor Morten Overgaard will give an inaugural lecture in the DNC Auditorium entitled: “Consciousness Research: Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Perspectives“.

Workshop at Center for Subjectivity Research on Measures of Agency. The event takes place at 16.4. 2013 at University of Copenhagen. For further information, such as program and list of speakers see:

Morten Overgaard
in the Danish talk-show “Aftenshowet” (part “Himmel og Helvede”).

PhD-student Jonas Lindeløv
have been awarded the EliteForsk Travel Scholarship from The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Psykolog får prestigefyldt rejsestipendie

Research year medical student Bochard Zareini
given award for best poster presentation at the poster session at the annual PhD day at The Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, for her poster on a EEG study of MMN in vegetative and minimally conscious patients.

Official site for PhD day 2013



Visit and accompanying talks by:

  • Mika Koivisto, Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku
  • Tony Jack, Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Lab, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

In collaboration with Interacting Minds

Talks: 27/9

10.00-11.00: Mika Koivisto:The role of early visual cortex in conscious and nonconscious visual processing: TMS studies

11.00-12.00: Tony JackThe new science of the soul: the biological origins of the problem of consciousness, and why neuroscience will never solve the problem


Visit by Mark Schram Christensen, Københavns Universitet


Visit by Sid Kouider,  Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Ecole Normale Supèrieure, Paris


Jerome Sackur, CREA, Paris


Workshop on neurophenomenology