News & Events


5.-7/9: Morten Overgaard is keynote speaker at the conference “Varieties of Human Cortical Colour Vision”, Vancouver

End July – 5/9 Morten Overgaard visits City University New York

1/5-1/ Assistant Professor Thor Grünbaum, University of Copenhagen, visits CNRU

29/4: Morten Overgaard and Jesper Mogensen give their inaugural lectures as professors at Aalborg University

15/4: Guest talk by Antoine Lutz

15/3- The new Masters Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience at Aalborg University, directed by Morten Overgaard, is currently enrolling students to start Fall semester 2011. Read more at

1/2: Morten Overgaardhas been appointedProfessor of Neuropsychology at Aalborg University while remaining part time in his current position.This will form a formal collaboration between Aarhus University and Aalborg University and the formation of a Masters programme in cognitive neuroscience in Aalborg

17/1: Guest talk by Anil Seth, University of Sussex

17/1: Kristian Sandberg defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Measuring Consciousness”

14/1: Guest talk by Sid Kouider, CNRS Paris

7/1: Second project meeting, “Intentional action, attention to objects, and working memory”