Christian Gaden Jensen

My research revolves around meditation, mental health, and consciousness. How is (different types of) meditation related to the mental health changes observed during meditation-based programs? Does meditative practices affect more fundamental aspects of human consciousness – such as the consciously chosen or automatically instantiated computational strategies applied for different types of information in various situations? How might meditation in narrative terms change the way people look upon and deal with their ability for conscious self-awareness?

I am very interested in improving meditation research by applying more rigorous control for other factors that are surely involved in meditation-based programs, e.g., non-specific effects of the professional, therapeutic contact, group support, increased motivation etc. I am also very interested in exploring what I believe to be two common processes across many different types of interventions, rather than the philosophical or mythical differences between them. The two core processes I have termed “Open Perception” and “Calm Processing”. I believe the can be defined rather precisely and thus help to advance meditation research by being given a central role in a meditation-based training program. I have done this in my most recent intervention project, where the “Open and Calm” program was applied as a stress-reduction intervention at the Copenhagen University Hospital.

I am currently finishing my Ph.D.-dissertation at the Neurobiology Research Unit, while designing future projects at the CNRU.

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Grants and awards

Danske Afspændingspædagoger (DAP): Udvikling af ny dansk skala til måling af kropsbevidsthed. Ansøgning med Steen Schytte Olsen, 80.000 kr., januar 2014

Institut for Psykologi, Københavns Universitet: Bevilling til arbejde med udvikling af ny dansk test af emotionel hukommelse, 189.000 kr., 2013

Region Hovedstaden: Ph.d.-projekt om mindfulness, genetik og sundhed: 120.000 kr., 2012.

Nordea-fonden: Ph.d.-projekt om mindfulness, genetik og sundhed 2.600.000 kr., 2011.

Trygfonden, Danmark. Forskning om meditation og opmærksomhed: 317.000 DKR., 2010.

Brain, Mind, and Medicines; Københavns Universitet: Legat til forskning i antidepressiva: 60.000 kr., 2009.

Floraglades Foundation, Florida, US. Forskning i meditation og selvopfattelse, 6.500 kr., 2009.

Greenwood Publishing Group, US: Excellent student travel grant til deltagelse i American Psychological Association’s verdenskongres, Boston US, 5.000 kr., 2008

Parapsychological Foundation, NY, US: Vinder af R. R. Coly Prize for videnskabeligt essay, 6.500 kr., 2007.

Helene Reeder Memorial Fund, Sverige: Legat til undersøgelse af spiritualitet i Skandinavien, 15.000 kr., 2006.

John Björkhem Memorial Foundation, Sverige: Rejselegat til konferencedeltagelse, Paris, 3.500 kr., 2006

Hjørring Gymnasium: Arbejdslegat til tidligere studerende med udmærkelse: 5.000 kr., 2004

Ligeledes medansøger og modtager af større bevillinger til projekter i forskningsgrupper, f.eks. fra Lundbeckfonden og Toyota-Fonden.


Peer reviewer activities

Peer reviewer for:

  • Frontiers in Psychology – Cognition
  • Psychiatry Research
  • Mindfulness
  • Nordic Psychology
  • EXPLORE – The Journal of Science and Healing
  • Journal of Parapsychology
  • Journal of Transpersonal Psychology