2007 Ph.D. Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, DK
2004 MSc in Engineering Physics, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Positions held:
2011-2012 Post doc, CPHNCM & DRCMR
2011-2012 Workpackage Leader in CONTrol of ACTion group at Danish Research
2007-2010 Post doc, CPHNCM & DRCMR
2004-2007 PhD student at CPHNCM & DRCMR
2004 Research Assistant, DRCMR
2004 Research Assistant at Quantum Protein Center, DTU
Teaching experience (selected)
2005- Human Neurobiology, MSc course, KU
2005- Functional Neurobiology, BSc course, KU
2011 Functional Neuroanatomy, PhD course, DRCMR
2010 Statistical parametric mapping of functional and structural MRI data of the human
brain, PhD course, DRCMR
2009 Advances in MRI of human brain structure and function, PhD course, DRCMR
2006 Motor Control Neuroscience, PhD course, KU
2008 Lundbeckfondens Talentpris
2007 Ung Eliteforskerpris, Det Frie Forskningsråd
Other academic duties
2012 Symposium organiser at Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Meeting in
Barcelona, SP. Symposium title: Motor awareness – how movements of the body
are perceived
2012 Local organising Committee for workshop on Motivation and Motor Control to be
held by European Science Foundation in Charlottenlund, DK
2007 Conference organiser for Brain and Mind Forum, Helsinge, DK
2005- Reviewer for the journals: Neuroimage, Cereb Cortex, Hum Brain Map, J Physiol,
Neurobiol Aging, Eur J Neurosci, Exp Brain Res, Scand J Med Sci Sports