Mikkel C. Vinding


MSc. in Psychology


Phone: (+45) 31 71 17 96

Address: CFIN, Nørrebrogade 44, building 10G, 4th floor, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Academic interests:

My main area of interest is free will within a neuropsychological framework. The first part of my work focuses on conscious intention and cognitive control in motor-cognition. This is an experimental approach with focus on phenomenological aspects of motor cognition and how various definitions of conscious intention are used, and can be used, in experimental cognitive neuroscience. This involves behavioural experiments and neurophysiological methods, primarily EEG/MEG and methods of modelling neurophysiological data. 

The second part of my work is to develop a conceptual framework for studying free will scientifically, drawing on literature from philosophy of mind, psychology and neuroscience. My aim is to make a common theoretical framework for linking science and philosophy of free will. This will address questions of what, when and under which conditions, we can talk about a free action, mental causation, volition, intention, and, most importantly, how these concepts can be translated from philosophy to the science lab and back again.

A sub-topic of interest related to, but not part of, my main project, is what implications of a neuroscience of free will has for the common understanding of personal responsibility, morality, and common notion of what it is to be human.