ERC starting grant:

Consciousness in Basic Science and Neurorehabilitation

MindRehab is a European Research Council funded project investigating human consciousness from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Human consciousness can be defined as the inner subjective experience of mental states such as perceptions, judgments, thoughts, intentions to act, feelings or desires. These experiences are to be described from a subjective, phenomenal first-person account. On the other hand, cognitive neurosciences explore the neural correlates with respect to brain topology and brain dynamics from an objective third-person account. While it is generally the case that there is a gap between phenomenal first-person inquiries and third-person cognitive neuroscience, the gap between these two perspectives and clinical work in neurorehabilitation is even wider. It is the explicit goal of MindRehab to integrate insights from philosophy, basic consciousness research, and clinical work in Neurorehabilitation in order to gain new knowledge relevant to the rehabilitation of patients after brain injury. It is furthermore a goal to make novel contributions at the frontier of all three domains.

MindRehab consists of a number of research projects reflecting the specific goals of the project as a whole. More information about each of these projects can be found on this page.


Principle investigator: Prof. Morten Overgaard

Other investigators